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Both the Beijing Municipal Party Committee School and the Beijing Administration Institute (BAI) are directly under the jurisdiction of the Beijing Municipal Government. The School was established in 1950. BAI was opened in 1993 with a different mission but sharing the same faculty and location. Since its founding, the Institute has served as an important training center for junior and senior civil servants, administrative personnel, and theoreticians.



BAI has 357 faculty members, administrators, and staff, including 20 professors and 60 associate professors. 84 are holders of doctoral degrees; 60 are lecturers and other midlevel professionals.



Since its founding, the institute has been actively engaged in training civil servants and searching for innovative models of Institute management. These endeavors have become the hallmark of our identity. By the first half of 2016, the Institute has conducted over 550 training sessions for nearly 55,000 civil servants.


BAI is also committed to doing scientific research. By the first half of 2016, our Institute has completed 95 programs funded by the national Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and 159 programs funded by Beijing Academy of Social Sciences. BAI has been recognized with 163 national or municipal government awards for excellence in research. In addition, we have published 3,240 academic works and 8,739 academic papers. The Institute publishes journals such as New Horizon, Journal of Beijing Administration Institute, Beijing Officials’ Education Gazette and BAI Selected Readings and Analyses of Policy Decisions.

Policy Consultation

BAI Policy Consultation Department was founded in March 2013, responsible for providing consultancy for decisionmakers. BAI professors research on hot issues which are crucial to the capital's economic and social development, making policy consultations and advice for decision makers of municipal committee and government. By September of 2016, BAI issued 49 series of consultation papers and funded 46 consultation projects. Many consultation reports and papers are collected by CPC Central Party School, Chinese Academy of Governance and the General Administration Office of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Municipal Government, contributing to decision making for policy makers.

Graduate Program

BAI is among one of the first provincial level administration institutes granted with master's degrees. From 1992, BAI enrolled students for master's degrees. BAI has 29 master programs, covering philosophy, politics, sociology, Marxism, economics, law, public administration etc. At present, a total of 370 full-time graduates are enrolled in the master's program. Moreover, the Institute runs 11 programs for over 2,200 part-time students pursuing master degrees.

Stressing the integration of teaching, research, consultation, and curriculum development, the Institute provides training programs and advisory services for the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, thus advancing economic, political, cultural, social, and environmental developments as well as Party building.