Ethiopian Delegation visited BAI


On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of P.R.C., Mr. Mulatu Tsige Desta, General Director of Oromia Regional State Leadership Academy (ORSLA), headed a delegation to BAI for a 6-day visit from September 23 to 28.  


BAI Vice president Zhang Jun warmly welcomed the delegation. Two sides reviewed past exchange and cooperation and discussed the plan of 2020. To cater the needs of ORSLA, Mr. Wang Xuecheng, deputy director of training division, briefed on China’s national civil servant training system and BAI’s innovative training modes. Two sides exchanged views and shared experience on training effectiveness, needs assessment and outcome transformation.


The delegation paid a visit to the Shijia neighborhood, a historic neighborhood in the inner city of Beijing, on September 25 for a field teaching hosted by Tan Xiaoyan, a lecturer of sociology department of BAI. Accompanied by Ms. Liu Jingyi, a designer from Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning and Design, the delegation visited Shijia administrative office, Shijia Lane Museum, and cultural and creative shop.  The visit not only equipped the delegates with the procedures of a field teaching class, but also deepened their understanding of community governance bodies and modes, relevant regulations and designated community designer system.


The delegation also spent three days at Zhengzhou and visited Zhengzhou International Hub Development and Construction Cooperation, a state-owned enterprise that has been operating Zhengzhou-Europe block train. As one of the vital and robust international logistic hubs for Silk Road Economic Belt, Zhengzhou-Europe international block train runs to and from between Zhengzhou and Hamburg, which leaves and enters china via the border ports of Alashankou, Erenhot, goes via Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and its destination is Hamburg, Germany. Its total transit time is around 12 days, which is about 25 days less than sea transportation. The delegation was impressed by the effective and smooth international logistics corridor and strong capability of multi-modal transport, cargo collection and distribution, and they expressed a wish that the block train could extend the reach to Ethiopia one day.

BAI and ORSLA signed MOU to establish partnership in 2017. Since then two sides have exchanged visit regularly. The delegation regarded the visit was rewarding and believed that it could deepen the mutual understanding and friendship, and lay a solid foundation for future cooperation between two sides. ORSLA has kindly invited BAI delegation to Ethiopia in 2020.

Written by Liu Xiaoyun